Building the future of homes.

Eliminate manual interactions. Reduce energy footprint. Deploy proactive security measures. The future of residential and commercial spaces is here.

What’s a Smart Building?

Building automation is simply connecting all the functional elements (Lights, HVAC, CCTV cameras, etc.) of a residential/commercial building to a network, and configuring them to proactively take contextually relevant actions. For example, a smart building can sense parameters like temperature, humidity, smoke, etc., and automatically trigger an alarm. Or, it can sense the presence of an intruder, take their picture and notify the security personnel.  

While home automation is more about active control of functional elements in your home, building automation concepts are directed towards saving energy, optimizing resources and reducing down-time. Our core expertise lies in laying down the technology stack for residential/commerical spaces, configuring the hardware, and providing active support for the designed use-cases.

All building automation solutions offered by Smartify are retrofit, which means you won’t need to change the existing wiring layout in your building to turn it into a smart building. It all happens in the background, without you even knowing it’s there. Just like…. magic. 

Not a building, but a lifestyle.

Automate lobby lights. Save energy.

Turn the lights off or dim them to a minimum, when no one’s around. Get the lobby or basement to light up when someone passess by. Using the simple automation hack, residential/commercial spaces can save up to 80% energy.

Open garage doors from your smartphone.

Provide restricted parking access to residents by using RFID-based entrace systems. or even better, allow them to enter their private parking spaces by simply pressing a button on their smartphone. No keyfob required.

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