A 21-st Century Hospital for a 21-st Century Patient

Using our intelligent solutions every unit can be adapted to the needs of their patient, for example Touch Screen on the bedside allowing the patient to control his whole bedroom (lights / curtains / TV / Call a nurse / Panic Button …) from the bedside with a single push.

What’s Hospitals Automation?

Hospital automation is a revolutionary technology that lets you automate all the functional elements in your hospital (lighting, HVAC, security, etc.) from your smartphone. Using our wireless automation concepts, hospitals can deliver extra-ordinary healthcare facilities to patients and their loved ones, while also improving scalability, trackability and profitability of their organization. 

While legacy automation providers offer limited smartphone integration, we support multiple touchpoints, like voice and gesture recognition to provide unmatched convenience and delight to our customers. Patients can now turn on room lights or call their loved ones by simply talking to an intelligent voice assistant or moving their hands. The best part? Our automation products are 100% wireless, retrofit devices, which means they can be plugged behind your existing switches and plugs at zero demolition or internal wiring costs. 

Give Comfort to Patients by Adding Automation to Your Hospital

Control everything with a touch.

Want to turn off the air-conditioner? Or want to open the door, without getting up? Our easy-to-use technology framework make it simple for patients to control all the functional elements in the room, from their smartphone.

Control through a voice command.

We understand that not every patient would be enthusiastic about using their smartphone, when they’re not feeling great. That’s the reason we provide complete voice-integration for automating functional elements in the room.

Patients can now turn off lights, lock/unlock doors, change TV channel, or reduce the room temperature, simply by issuing a voice command. 

Control using just hand gestures.

For patients that don’t want to use their voice or smartphone to control the functional elements in the room, we also support hand-gesture recognition. Patients can now get things done, simply by moving their hand in a pre-defined direction. We even support muscle-movement tracking, allowing users to take actions with minimal body movement. 

Monitor your patients from anywhere.

We make it easy for care-takers to track, monitor and view their patients in real-time from anywhere in the world, using their smartphone, tablet or computer.

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