We provides complete Technological Hospitality solution that include Architectural Scene Setting, Guest Room Automation, Common Area Lighting Automation, Common Area Audio & Video Systems, Engineering and Security.

What’s Hotel Automation?

Our comprehensive hotel automation solutions provide integration with various other systems in the hotel for effective guest room controls including:

  • Extra-low voltage switching system including lights, HVAC, TV system and drapes through comfort consoles

  • Room status monitoring for energy management based on occupancy (Guest-in, Guest-out, Sleep-mode), house-keeping, guest check-in etc.

  • Integration with other in-room electronic guest room functions including user-friendly electronic safe, electronic mini-bar, electronic door locks (to active and deactivate energy) and smart door chime panel (with indicators such as ‘Do Not Disturb’, ‘Privacy Please’, ‘Make-up/Service room’)

  • Integration with the ‘Service Call System’ that automatically pages for the hotel staff with the guest’s name and room number, thus ensuring minimal response time when the guest activates the service panel

  • Guest room on-line management for reception office, housekeeping, engineering, mini-bar control station, butler control station, security office, and more.

Impress Customers  by Adding extra Stars to your Hotel

Make your presentation stand out.

Usually, it takes a few minutes to turn on the projector, pull down the screen and get your presentation up and running. But what if you could ditch the time, and have everything ready at the press of a button?

Make a bold statement with our innovative, wireless automation technology that can run complex manual tasks, through voice, gesture or smartphone interactions.

Monitor workforce. From anywhere.

Are you on the go all the time, but want to keep a tab on all the things going around in your work-space? Do you have multiple office locations, and want a simple, easy-to-use app that can monitor everything on your smartphone?

We’ve got you covered. Our PoE IP infrastructure let you view, monitor and track all the ongoing activities in your work place, from anywhere in the world.

Protect your employees.

Get instant alerts when there’s a fire, smoke or flood emergency in your office. Unlike wired alarm systems that don’t get triggered under highly stressful situations, our wireless sensors work in every challenging condition and can even be configured to automatically take pre-defined actions. i.e. call the security, cut-off gas supply or insantly unlock all the gates in the premises.

Automate lobby lights. Save energy.

Turn the lights off or dim them to a minimum, when no one’s around. Get the lobby or basement to light up when someone passess by. Using the simple automation hack, residential/commercial spaces can save up to 80% energy.

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